Frequently asked questions

Learning at Home

Have a question about learning at home? You are probably not the only one! See if your question is answered below. If not, contact your child's teacher, call the school 910-642-3121, or complete the form below.

What do we do with the packet my child received the week of March 16 when the school buildings were just closed?

You do NOT need to turn those in anywhere at this time. If your child is active in Google Classroom, the teacher will be asking him/her to send in pictures or descriptions of their work from certain pages. If your child is NOT active in Google Classroom, the teacher will check in with him/her about packet progress over the phone in the Weekly Check-ins.

After that first packet, what are we supposed to be doing now?

Starting Monday, March 30, the majority of our instruction moved online to Google Classroom. For families that don't have internet access or would prefer packet instruction, they can drop by the school and pick up a second learning packet outside the front door.

What if we don't have a computer or tablet?

You can access Google Classroom and many of the activities using a smartphone, so if you have enough data and want your child to work on your phone, or their own, they can do that.

If not, you are welcome to come by the school and pick up a learning packet for your child outside the front door. They can work in the packet and have a Weekly Check-in over the phone with the teacher and not have to do any online activities.

Even if we have internet and a device at home, can I have my child do the packet instead?

Yes. We know that packet instruction is more appropriate for some students and their families. And some parents might choose for their child to do a mix of Google Classroom and packet activities. That is fine. Just keep in touch with your child's teacher through phone, email or Class Dojo.

Do we have to purchase a device for our child to do assignments?

No. Many assignments can be done on a smartphone. Or you can pick up a packet for your child to use instead of Google Classroom activities. If you do decide to purchase a device for your child, our recommendation is a Chromebook. These look like laptops but are usually cheaper and are designed for online activities. It is easier for students to complete assignments on chromebooks than iPads or other tablets.

Okay, we're going to get on Google Classroom. How do we get started?

Make sure you have the Google Chrome browser. Download it here. A tutorial video is here.

Your child's username: Student’s First Name + Last 4 digits of lunch number +

Your child's password: Lunch Number or "stu" + Lunch Number.

Watch the tutorial video for more tips.

We're in Google Classroom, but I don't see my child's classes. What's going on?

Probably the problem is that you are logged into another Google account- either in your browser or in Google Classroom.

Look in the top right-hand corner of the screen and see if you see a picture or intitial. Click on that and see who is logged in. If it's not your child's address, you will need to either "Add Account," "Manage Accounts," or log out from the other accounts and log in with your child's account. See the tutorial video as well.

We're finally in here, but I'm still confused. Help!

Here are some things that might help:

  • Attend or watch your class Monday Google Meet where your teacher will explain the week's assignments.
  • Go to the "Classwork" tab at the top. (Sometimes not all assignments show up in "stream.")
  • When you click on some assignments, they may take you to another page or app. Make sure your "pop-up blocker" is turned off if you can't see assignments when you click on them.
  • On tablets, you can use Google Classroom with or without the Google Classroom app. There may be some assignments that can only be completed in the Google Slides or Google Doc app, so you may need to download those. If you are getting confused or frustrated - STOP. Contact your child's teacher or call the school 910-642-3121. We will either talk you through it or exempt the assignment if we can't help you make it work.

How will my child receive grades during this "learning at home" time?

Starting the week of April 6, each student will receive a weekly participation grade in Reading, Math, and Science. It does not matter whether student is online using Google Classroom or offline using packet instruction.

If your child is using Google Classroom, the teacher will give feedback and a grade for their online work. If there are technical difficulties, those assignments will not be counted against the student.

If your child is using packet, the teacher will contact you to arrange a Weekly Check-In where she goes over the child's progress in the packet and any enrichment activities and give a grade based on that.

All of the grading details are available below.

Grading Rubric

Is there still a spring break?

Yes! Spring Break will still be Friday, April 10- Sunday, April 19.

Students will not be expected to do any classwork during that time. If students or parents would like to continue work (either catching up, getting ahead, or doing Enrichment Activities) that is completely fine, but no teachers or staff will giving any feedback or available to help or troubleshoot during those days.

Good try, but I still have more questions.

If you didn't see the answer to your question here or on the e-Learning page, contact your child's teacher. Class Dojo is the best way to be in touch and email is second best. If you cannot reach your child's teacher or need additional information, call the school between 8 am - 3 pm Monday-Friday and an administrator will be glad to put you in touch with a teacher or help you herself. You can also complete the form below or email the principal, Rachel Smith, at