We have had many questions about Governor Cooper's announcement allowing districts to have more flexibility for elementary students starting October 5. After careful consideration, Whiteville City Schools has made the following adjustments for Edgewood Elementary:

-We are still going to maintain 6 feet of social distancing in classrooms and buses. If we did not do this, any time a student or staff member had a COVID symptom or positive test, the whole class or bus would have to quarantine, which would be very disruptive for students and families.

-This continues to limit the number of students on campus, therefore we will continue with the following options:

Plan C (100% virtual for families that choose that option),

Plan B (on campus two days a week and virtual three days a week)

and Plan A (on campus four days a week and virtual on Wednesday) as space is available in classrooms.

The following changes will go into effect on Monday, October 5:

Bus Transportation will be offered (based on need and availability) for students on Plan A. (This must be approved on an individual basis by Dr. Smith or Ms. Hough.)

Third Grade: Plan B will no longer be offered. Families must choose Plan A or Plan C. (Third grade class sizes are low enough to make this possible with social distancing.)

Fourth & Fifth Grade: We will continue with Plans A, B, & C. There is limited availability for in-person spots for families that would like to switch plans before October 5.

Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grade: After October 5, families will not be able to switch back and forth between plans. If your family chooses Plan C, your child will remain on Plan C until the end of the semester- December 22, 2020.

If you completed the form online that was posted last week, you will hear from Dr. Smith or Ms. Hough on Thursday, October 1.

Daily schedule

Doors Open - 7:30 am

Tardy Bell - 8:00 am

Transportation changes (between car or bus rider) must be made prior to 2:00 p.m.

Early check-out ends at 2:30 p.m.

Dismissal: 3:05 p.m.

  • Student bus stops may only be changed when parent/guardian brings proof of residence to office and makes permanent change. (No one-day or short-term changes.)

  • Anyone checking out student in office must bring photo ID and be on student’s approved pick-up list.

Google Meet


Student’s First Name + Last 4 digits of lunch number + @student.whiteville.k12.nc.us Password: Lunch Number or "stu" + Lunch Number

Google Classroom


Student’s First Name + Last 4 digits of lunch number + @student.whiteville.k12.nc.us Password: Lunch Number or "stu" + Lunch Number

Moby Max

Username: Lunch Number


5Wolfies (5th Grade)

4Wolfies (4th Grade)

3Wolfies (3rd Grade)

School Code: nc682

Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Math

Username: Lunch Number

Password: Student1 or Paws or 4Wolfies (4th Grade)

Site Code: 3704920

Mission: Edgewood Elementary School is dedicated to the success of every child.

Vision: The vision of Edgewood Elementary School is to inspire students to reach their potential and to be life-long learners.

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