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    3rd Grade Teachers

    Mrs. Bambi Cribb

    Mrs. Karen Dawsey

    Mrs. Cynthia Grimes

    Mrs. Jessica McPherson

    Mrs. Tonya Pait

    Ms. Katherine Parker

    Mrs. Stacey Williams

    Mrs. Melissa Williamson

    4th Grade Teachers

    Mrs. Wendy Fipps

    Mrs. Crystal Gore

    Mrs. Glenda Melton

    Mrs. Carmen McQueen

    Mrs. Tonya Nobles

    Ms. Amanda Tedder

    Mrs. Janet Tyler

    Mrs. Ashley Ward

    5th Grade Teachers

    Mrs. Joanie Basobas

    Mrs. Shelley Byrd

    Mrs. Selena Gore

    Mrs. Kristi Maultsby

    Mrs. Paula Reeves

    Mrs. Georgiana Sealey

    Mrs. Charmin Strickland

    Mrs. Rachel Williams

    Encore Teachers

    Mrs. Kathy Blake, Library

    Mr. Todd Burney, PE

    Mr. Leslie A. Cothern (Mr. "C"), Music

    Mrs. Katherine Hyatt, Science Lab

    Mrs. Sally Medford, Art

    Mrs. Francine Long, Computer Lab

    Exceptional Children's Teachers

    Mrs. LeighAnn Merritt, AIG

    Mrs. Lori Floyd, EC

    Mrs. Sherry Osbourne, EC

    Mrs. Teresa Harper, EC

    Additional Support Staff

    Mrs. Evon Boren, Physical Therapy

    Mrs. Maria Maynard, School Nurse

    Mrs. Lisa Shaw, Speech

    Mrs. Bertie Lanehart, ISS

    Mrs. Karen Hall, ESL


    Mrs. Shelly Cullipher, Principal

    Mrs. Elizabeth Roberson, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Susan Hager, Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Bonnie Lee, Bookkeeper/NCWise Administrator

    Ms. Belinda Smith, Receptionist